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What is Wellness?

“In 2006, the World Health Organization in “WHO Health Promotion Glossary, New Terms” stated, ‘Wellness’ in the optimal state of health of individuals and groups, involving not only the realization of the fullest potential of an individual physically, psychologically, socially, spiritually and economically, but also the fulfillment of one’s role expectations in the family, community, place of worship, workplace and other settings.”

“In 1948, the WHO defined health as, “A state of complete physical, emotional, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

According to Patricia J. Sulak, MD, in her book Should I Fire My Doctor?, there are eleven elements to Wellness.  The Essential Elements of “Living Well Aware” include

  1. Normal Numbers Now:  Blood pressure, Cholesterol values, Fasting Blood Sugar, Ideal Body Weight.
  2. Critique Caloric Consumption:  Excess caloric intake, healthy food.
  3. Make Movement Mandatory:  Physically Active Lifestyle
  4. Address Adverse Addictions:  Halt Harmful Habits.
  5. Meticulously Manage Money and Minutes:  Where are you spending your time and money?
  6. Graciously Give Our Gifts:  Giving of our time, talents and treasures.
  7. Forgive:  Family, Friends, Foes, Ourselves.
  8. Passionately Pursue Purpose and Priorities.
  9. Stifle Stress/Sever Suffering.
  10. Pause/Ponder/Plan/Pray.
  11. Seek and Secure Support.

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