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“Living Well Aware” Seminar Dr. Patricia Sulak   Sandra Burton,   Exclusive Massage Vendor

“I have been seeing Sandy Burton professionally for over 15 years. She has helped my sore neck and shoulders from spending hours bent over desks helping my students. She worked miracles to help me through a pregnancy full of aches and pains. She has been with me as I transitioned my life to become a full time mom with a new set of physical issues to go with it. What keeps me coming back is the fact that Sandy listens… She hears me talk about what I need help with on each specific day. No two sessions are the same because no two days I am the same. I know that she will hear my needs and do everything she can to meet them. She delivers an individual experience tailored to exactly what my body needs.”  SW

I have been in the IT field for many years at a computer nearly all day.  I have been seeing Sandy since 2012.  She is my therapist for a number of reasons.  I get the full 90 minutes on the table.  Her massage suite is spacious and quiet, along with soft music with ocean and nature sounds for ambience.  My sessions are customized for my specific needs.  I’ve had issues with plantar fasciitis so time is set aside to work with the foot, calf, and hamstring muscles.  I get relief immediately.  Discounts are offered for multiple session packages.  I highly recommend Sandy for your self-care and corrective therapy! KE

Sandy is a skilled, engaging, and professional massage therapist on all accounts; however, the accoutrements she offers are what truly set the massage you receive with Sandy apart from all others. She provides a massage body cushion! This is a wonderful invention! Why every massage therapist doesn’t use this now that I’ve learned about it is a mystery!  This cushion also provides a place for your breasts (if female:-) and stomach and hip support so your lower back stays supported. (She removes it for the flip over.)  Another wonderful treat she provides is steam towels for each foot and an eye bag to lay gently over your eyes while on your back. And all of these are no additional charge! This is just how she rolls! I leave feeling wonderfully rejuvenated and remember anew each time why self-care is so important.  I highly recommend a massage with Sandy–it is self-care at its finest!  CA MS, LPC

I have been getting a massage from Sandy for at least 8 years or maybe more, who knows!  I look forward to my massage every 2 weeks.  I have a high stress job, working at least 10 hours per day.  I see Sandy for therapeutic as well as relaxation reasons.  Sitting at a computer for long hours and long drives in Texas for business can really cause neck, back and leg issues.  I love her massages as she focuses on my needs and always asks what needs attention.  I have a left side sciatica that keeps me in pain 24/7, but somehow she works on it to give me that relief that is needed.  Sometimes I can mention something that is bothering me and she explains how all of it is connected and how it runs in the body, a bit over my head!   Oh and the hot foot treatment puts me right to sleep.  She also has a wonderful assistant, Jenny, with beautiful hair and a bushy tail, that greets you at the door and escorts you to the massage room.  I definitely have my loyalty to Sandy! CD

I have been a client of Sandy’s for about 4 years now.  In addition to a demanding job in the medical field, I am also a competitive power-lifter.  Not only do I enjoy the pure relaxation of Sandy’s massages and seaside atmosphere, but I also need deep tissue work to address the muscle stress of power-lifting.  I hate it when my session is up!  I could lie on her table for hours! LH

I’m a hair-stylist and am on my feet all day with my shoulders, arms and hands busy.  Massage is essential!  I like Sandy because she listens to what me and what my body needs.  She is great on balancing the massage from side to side and the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.  I always feel refreshed and relaxed.  Thank you, Sandy for taking care of my body.  VL

I am a Realtor and have been coming to Sandy for stress reduction for most of my professional career.  I tend to carry a great deal of tension in my neck and shoulders so the massage are a much needed therapy which allows me to sit comfortably at the computer for hours on end.  Sandy has created a peaceful place that is very healing to me.  BH

I have been going for massages with Sandy for the past 10 years or more.  I was a skeptic that massage was for anything but relaxation and somewhat of an indulgence.  She encouraged me to let her use massage at first to assist in healing plantar foot pain.  As I came more regularly, I benefited from deep tissue massage in highly tense areas of my body.  As time went on, I was diagnosed with cancer and now reap the benefits of weekly 90 minute massages which provide essential deep tissue work and relaxation from a stressful work week.  As a physician, I think massage is one of the partners in my cancer treatment and contributes to increased health and wellness.  LDJ, MD

Caring and acceptance are two gifts Sandy brings to every massage session.  She obviously values her clients.  Finding a competent therapist is easy.  Finding a therapist who cares about you in a holistic way is more challenging.  Sandy is that therapist.  DM


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