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Swedish Relaxation

Swedish Relaxation - North Austin Massage Therapist

Swedish Relaxation

Swedish and Relaxation massage often mean the same thing. Swedish Relaxation is defined as a system of treatment designed to energize the body by stimulating circulation. Five to six movements, all flowing toward the heart, are used to manipulate the soft tissues of the body. Therapist uses a combination of smoothing kneading, rolling, vibrational, percussive, and tapping movements, with the application of cream, to reduce friction on the skin. Not all techniques are necessarily used in a session. The many benefits of Swedish massage may include generalized relaxation, dissolution of scar tissue adhesions, and improved circulation, which may speed healing and reduce swelling from injury. It is important for the client to drink plenty of water before and after these massages. (Massage definitions reference those from the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals Glossary – used with permission.)

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