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Fascia Connective Tissue Softening and Lengthening


Fascia Connective Tissue Lengthening and Softening

Fascia Connective Tissue Lengthening an Softening opens up areas of the body. A gentle and deliberate pulling or pushing of the tissue is done with little lubrication. It melds with  the layer of connective tissue just underneath the skin in order to soften an area for deeper work. It is also used to “calm” the tissue. It is done with a slow moving, very light touch technique. It is extremely relaxing and clients almost always feel the lengthening. It is most successful on the full length of the spine and sides of the body.

What is “Fascia”?

The fascia system is one continuous sheath that spreads without interruption throughout the entire body in a three-dimensional web. Fascia movement allows therapists to locate and address restrictions in the fascia system that are causing the body tissue and muscles to be tighter where they shouldn’t be.  This tissue becomes sticky and needs to be spread out to fix imbalances, postural mis-alignment, abnormal tensions, and pressures that can lead to pain and dysfunction. The goal of fascia softening is to produce a well-balanced, symmetrical, and mobile body within the skeletal, and soft-tissue systems.  (Definition adapted from Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals glossary.)


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