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What is the bodyCushion

The bodyCushion system not only allows for better comfort on the massage table, but caters to people with low back and/or shoulder issues.  It comes in segments and they are placed to best fit the height and body structure of the client.  It also allows the therapist to treat problem areas more effectively than on a flat table.  The cushion is slipped out from under you before turning onto your back.

For Women!

The bodyCushion is perfect for women because the base system has soft indentations for your breasts.  In addition, there is a segment where the breast area is completely cut out – perfect for larger breasted women, those nursing, or post surgery.  Basically the cushion systems keep your breasts from being squished under your chin!

Side-Lying or Pregnant

If you are pregnant and need to lie on your side, the cushion segments are placed accordingly, so you have the best possible support.  Any side lying work necessary can also use this set-up.

Note…if you prefer a flat table, just let me know and a traditional style table will be waiting for you!

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