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Sandra (Sandy)

Experience and Background:

Massage therapy is the most rewarding occupation I’ve ever been blessed to do and and I’m in it with a passion! (I have over 17 years of experience, graduated from A New Beginning School of Massage, Austin, TX, May of 2001.)  Before that, I was fortunate to be a stay at home mom with our son and was a full time volunteer with his schools. Prior to then I was in sales, marketing, and association management. My college degree (1980) is in Organizational Communication.

So, how did I get into massage!? Massage got into me!

In my high pressure occupations, massage was the only thing that addressed my tight neck and shoulders, relaxed me and re-centered me. As our son got older, I knew I would eventually need a life of my own, so I signed up for massage therapy classes for personal enrichment. I had no intention of becoming a therapist. Little did I know I would not only begin my practice, but would have a commercial location and rent space to other therapists!  I had truly found what I wanted to be when I grew up. And now, I am happy to have an individual practice in a much more serene environment: your “seaside cottage” with your own personal massage suite. And in that place, it’s all about you!

Motivation and Philosophy:

The science and art of touch therapy is fascinating and enthralling to me. Massage reaches you from your skin all the way to the internal workings of your body systems. It touches you physically, emotionally and psychologically. Massage stimulates your body’s own relaxation response and enhances the body’s natural design to heal itself. Touch is the first sense to develop in the womb. Your skin is part of the ectoderm, the outermost of the three segments of a developing fetus. The ectoderm includes not only the skin, but the brain and nervous system. One author has said, “Touching the skin is almost like touching the outer layer of the brain.” That is why touch is so powerful and a big part of wellness!

My intent is to create an environment where you can receive healing touch, pain reduction, and serenity. Serenity is clear, calm, tranquil peace. I believe true serenity is a gift, not something for which you can strive. The name of my business is intentionally “Gift” of Serenity because all I do is bring you to a place where you can receive this gift. It’s not something I can give, but I believe it’s a gift from God. From there we can address your stress patterns, soften and lengthen your musculature, reorient your posture and center your inner self. You are my focus. Although pain and stress may bring you here the first time, it’s my intent that serenity, positive results, and our relationship brings you back.

What do my clients say “About Sandy”?   (See more in Testimonials)
  • “Sandy is a skilled, engaging, and professional therapist on all accounts.”
  • “She cares and she listens both with her ears and her hands.”
  • “She is kind, easygoing, and fun to be with, knows when to be silent or when to help me process my life issues by letting me chatter.”
  • “Sandy is one of the most giving and generous people I’ve ever known.  She goes out of her way to make me comfortable.”
  • “She is intelligent and loves to educate me about my body and how I can take care of it between sessions.”
  • “Sandy genuinely cares about me and will check in with me following a massage session. She is accepting of all people, judging none. She lives her belief system and is accepting of me even though our beliefs are not the same.”
  • “What keeps me coming back is her expertise and her friendship. We have a close, professional, and confidential relationship.  Sandy is always joyful, no matter what may be going on and she clearly loves her profession!”
When not working:

I enjoy walking, listening to music, reading, camping, working out, practicing meditation, studying the Bible, and praying. I completed two marathons before having to give up running. I also have had a fair number of injuries, so I can relate to many pain issues you may have. Most recently I’ve taken up coloring book therapy! Finally, I enjoy learning more and more about touch therapy and new massage techniques.  Oh, yes; I love a good massage!

So, that’s who I am, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

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