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Sandra Burton, North Austin


Gift of Serenity Massage

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I would like to be your north Austin massage therapist! Massage therapy is my life’s joy! I am about relieving pain and lessening anxiety, treating and reversing tension patterns, and facilitating health and well being. Massage is a vital part of wellness – from Swedish Relaxation to Deep Tissue, your mind and body benefit.  Locally owned and operated as an Austin Massage Therapist for over 18 years, I am here for you!

“I can turn my neck now!”
“Look at the range of motion I have now in my shoulder!”
“The cramp in my low back is gone and my hips feel even!”
“You have treated my body and uplifted my mind.”
(Big breath) “Finally, I feel settled and can think clearly”“I love that I get the full 60 minutes on the table!”“The bodyCushion is amazing!  Much more comfortable when I lie face down”Regular massage treatments create better physical health and positive relationships. 75% of my clients have been with me my entire career. 80% of them come for pain management/injury rehab, and 20% come strictly for relaxation. All of them come because there is a perceptible difference in how they feel and see the world. Whether you come once a week or once a month,  I get in tune with your body and over time, treatment goes deeper and lasts longer.My philosophy is to create an environment which facilitates receptivity to the hands on work. I intentionally chose “Gift of Serenity” as my business name because I believe serenity is not something for which you can strive. It is a gift, not one that I can give, but one you can receive. I create the space for receptivity and then address your body’s needs. Your sessions are customized accordingly. By using effective hands-on therapy and well intentioned focus, you receive physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual attention.Swedish Relaxation
Deep Tissue
Trigger Point Therapy
Fascial/Connective Tissue Softening and LengtheningThese techniques are blended together each time you have a session.Each session, I listen to you, assess your body and proceed based on what your body needs. We work together. Customize! If you want just neck and shoulder work, that’s our focus. If you need hip, legs, feet, we can do that. Softly lit seaside decor, 100% cotton linens and face rest covers, warmed thick cushioned table, Tempur-pedic neck pillow, warm eye pillow, and hot steam foot towels await you! North Austin Massage Therapist Sandra Burton can meet your needs.

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